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The very highly developed technologies that are used to treat infertility are geared to providing services to couples in society where salaries and living standards are high. Modern Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments involve the use of expensive drugs to stimulate egg production, costly consumables and sophisticated laboratory equipment. Most clinics are run in the private sector and salaries for specialist gynecologists, endocrinologists, laboratory and nursing staff, counselors, management and financial advisors contribute to the high cost of ART. These costs need to be recovered from patients, so conventional ART is therefore unattainable for most couples in developing countries.

The Low Cost IVF India (Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Centre - Raipur) is promoting the provision of simplified clinical IVF services for a minimal cost that will allow couples, who could otherwise not afford it, access to IVF treatment for their infertility.  Our aims are to demonstrate that the complete minimum costs Packages for IVF.  We seeks to identify Infertile couples for Low Cost IVF treatment where having a child greatly improves the social status of  woman and reduces her risk of being rejected from her family and community and left destitute. The costs will constant for all countries, but our objective is to minimize costs to make treatment affordable to a much greater number of people.

Our Low cost IVF treatment program & mission to reduce the burden of childlessness among couples in resource constrained in society and to provide expert advice, ensure that established protocols are followed, and monitor success rates for the simplified procedures. A program for awareness of reproductive health forms an integral part of the established Low Cost IVF Clinics as well as aimed at improving couples’ knowledge about reproductive processes, infectious diseases, and safe sex practices. The Low Cost IVF treatment India (Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Centre - Raipur) is committed to maintaining administrative costs to a minimum and all clinical expertise is provided for the betterment of infertile couple of society.